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Current Obsessions

We have an insatiable appetite for all of the following trends & industry insights:

Subscription Snack Boxes

Snacking just got easier. Through new subscription snack box services like graze, NatureBox, and Nibblr, healthy, portion-controlled snacks are delivered on a recurring basis to your home or office.  Snack box services provide subscribers with a convenient and personalized variety of snacks to enjoy between meals and on-the-go. It’s a new way to think about […]

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Simply Balanced: The HOT New Brand in Private Label

If Target’s new Simply Balanced line is an indicator, private label has gone from second class to ultra classy. This wellness-focused private label line acknowledges many of the latest food trends, including clean ingredient labels, no artificial colors or flavors, and organic offerings. Products range from chips to rainbow quinoa to wild caught Alaskan salmon, […]

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The Latest Hot and Syrupy Trend: Chicken and Waffles

While they may be a classic among some Southerners, chicken and waffles is growing in popularity with the Yankees. It recently became one the of the newest Lay’s® potato chip flavors through the Lay’s® Do Us a Flavor contest. While it’s unclear whether they’ll stick around because Lay’s® is only keeping one of the three […]

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Is Nutella Good for You?

The New York Times recently published a story about Columbia students stealing Nutella from campus dining services, who was caught in the struggle between offering brands students love and running a profitable business. The school was losing thousands of dollars weekly due to Nutella theft. The saga sounds far from over, but it got us […]

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The Best Food Apps

There are a wealth of apps available out there to enhance your food experience. It can be hard to wade through the clutter to find a great app, so here are a few that we INdorse! Just download and enjoy. What to eat: Harvest – The perfect app to help you choose produce at the […]

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Black Forest Inn Campaign

Kudos to Black Forest Inn and GDB on their recent campaign! According to their website they’ve been running their tongue-in-cheek campaign for 12 years, but we love this clever adaptation offering an element of visual humor. It’s rare to see an ad where people aren’t grinning. The juxtaposition of this grouchy looking woman and the […]

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Our take on Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest

In celebration of it’s 75th anniversary next year, Lay’s potato chips is holding the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest where fans can submit their idea for the next great chip flavor. The person who submits the winning idea will win $1,000,000. They have really gone all out to promote this contest on Facebook and it’s gained […]

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Hot Dogs Go Gourmet!

The arguments against eating hot dogs are long and easy to find, but we thought there was more to this ballpark classic. Our graphic designer Betsy will stand up for her favorite food any day, so she set out to show the IN crew and our readers just how great they can be. First and […]

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Medal Winning Olympic Sponsors

We’ve all seen them – the Olympic commercials that literally have you sitting on the edge of your seat with clips of Michael Phelps’ amazing breast stroke or Usain Bolt’s lightning-fast speed. The next thing you know, you’re in line at McDonalds, ordering a sandwich and Coke, paid for with your Visa credit card. Oddly […]

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An Art Director’s Barbecue

Lori is known around the office for planning incredible parties. From elaborate murder mystery events to an intimate dinner party with friends, her thoughtfulness, eye for detail and chef’s palate take every event to the next level. Recently she planned her family reunion and we convinced her to let us showcase it, because Art Director/amazing […]

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