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IN or OUT?

Our take on everything from products to restaurants, trends to events – it’s all either IN or OUT.

Food packaging we love.

What takes food packaging from good to great? It’s so much more than beautiful graphics, typography and photography. Great food packaging tells a story from the shelf that evokes an emotional response from buyers. Here are three examples that do just that: Potter’s Crackers: The beauty of this packaging is in its simplicity. Less can […]

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Customization Can Build Strong Emotional Connections

The pinnacle of success for any brand is to build a deep, emotional connection with its customers. Coke did this over the summer by tapping into the most unique and personal thing their consumers possess: their name. Coca-Cola’s wildly successful “Share a Coke” campaign labeled bottles with 250 different names along with various terms such […]

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Subscription Snack Boxes

Snacking just got easier. Through new subscription snack box services like graze, NatureBox, and Nibblr, healthy, portion-controlled snacks are delivered on a recurring basis to your home or office.  Snack box services provide subscribers with a convenient and personalized variety of snacks to enjoy between meals and on-the-go. It’s a new way to think about […]

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2012 Wrap-Up & 2013 Food Trends

Out with the old, IN with the new! With 2013 under way, it’s time to wrap up our 2012 predictions and project what the new year might bring with it. In 2012 the world saw a new food trend pop up almost every day, and with constant tweeting, blogging and pinteresting, we were able to […]

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Candy We Hate

IN Food Marketing & Design loves candy! We eat a fair amount of chocolate, Riesens, Australian licorice and other goodies at work. A sweet treat makes any meeting more fun because, well, candy is so yummy! Except for when it’s not. Let’s face it, not all candy was created equal. In fact, some candy is so […]

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Where’s the Beef?

By now we’re all aware of the pink slime epidemic.  You know, the one where processing companies add parts of an animal that are less desirable to eat, resulting in a lovely hue of that pretty carnation pink colored slop that they like to call “meat”. But that’s not the only scary substance being added […]

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Top 5 Restaurant Trends

Trends…always changing, always tasty.  Being the foodies we are, we’ve noticed a few new patterns popping up on restaurant menus.  We collectively decided that eggs, grains, greens, coconut water and oysters are among the top restaurant trends. Eggs:  No longer just a breakfast staple, eggs have left the chicken coop and have started to arrive […]

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Restaurant Review of Rye Deli in Minneapolis

I popped in for a quick bite to eat with a friend on Tuesday at Rye Deli in Uptown Minneapolis. We arrived during happy hour to enjoy a few entrees, appetizers and local brews. I was struck by the nice, simple décor and interesting juxtaposition between the sports bar setting in back and the family […]

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Dark Chocolate Brand Test

Chocolate lovers around the world did a collective high five when word got out this decadent treat has tangible health benefits. Loaded with cell-protecting antioxidants, dark chocolate is great for cardiovascular health, and can even help keep cholesterol and blood pressure at optimal levels. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. Some […]

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Pizzeria Lola, one slice at a time.

This week I had the absolute pleasure of eating at Pizzeria Lola, not once, but twice! The first time was delicious, but I went back a second time to take serious notes while I inhaled my delicious meal. On Monday, I ordered La Creme pizza and added pepperoni for Lola’s take on a classic pizza […]

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