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The highlights of our 20-year anniversary celebration

We were thrilled to host our 20-year anniversary celebration on March 20th with clients, friends, family and business associates.  As part of our celebration, we asked attendees for non-perishable food donations in honor of Minnesota Food Share Month. Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we gathered an overwhelming amount of food and donated it to the Neighborhood […]

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2015 Winter Fancy Food Show: Trends and highlights

There’s no place like the Fancy Food show to see the hottest trends in specialty foods since many of these will eventually be mainstream in both retail and foodservice. Here are a few of the trends we spotted in San Francisco: Nuts for coconut From top billing as a snack ingredient, to coconut sugar and […]

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3 Ideas to Improve Your Email Marketing

Our Interactive/Graphic Designer, Alyssa, recently attended The Email Design Conference in Boston. She came back energized and bursting with cutting-edge email marketing strategies and ideas, so naturally we wanted to share a few of these with you! Below are three simple takeaways to improve your email marketing:  1. Chain of Commitment Think of an email […]

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Made to Stick Part 3: Story

Messages are stickier when they exist as a story. Stories are most successful when the product is integral and it is difficult to tell the story without mentioning the product. The “Puppy Love” ad that Budweiser showed in this year’s Super Bowl provides an interesting example. In this story, Budweiser relies heavily on the association […]

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Made to Stick Part 2: Emotion

According to Made to Stick, ideas are “stickier” when they evoke an emotion. When a strong emotion is attached to an ad, individuals are likely to spend more time thinking about it. The goal of an ad focused on emotion is not only to make viewers care, but to encourage them to further share the […]

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Made to Stick Part 1: Simple

In Made to Stick, the first principle of stickiness is simplicity. Simplicity is about finding the most critical essence of an idea, essentially its core. Honeymaid highlights this principle in their recent ad, “This is Wholesome”.  The ad depicts non-traditional families that are multi-racial, composed of same-sex parents, and single parents amongst other differences. In […]

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How to Make Your Message Stick

What sets a successful message apart? According to Chip and Dan Heath the answer lies in the power of persuasive communication. In Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, the authors suggest that the key to idea success is to make the message “sticky”. The framework that the Heaths identify pinpoints 6 […]

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Subscription Snack Boxes

Snacking just got easier. Through new subscription snack box services like graze, NatureBox, and Nibblr, healthy, portion-controlled snacks are delivered on a recurring basis to your home or office.  Snack box services provide subscribers with a convenient and personalized variety of snacks to enjoy between meals and on-the-go. It’s a new way to think about […]

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Simply Balanced: The HOT New Brand in Private Label

If Target’s new Simply Balanced line is an indicator, private label has gone from second class to ultra classy. This wellness-focused private label line acknowledges many of the latest food trends, including clean ingredient labels, no artificial colors or flavors, and organic offerings. Products range from chips to rainbow quinoa to wild caught Alaskan salmon, […]

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Who makes the best microwave popcorn?

As the weather gets cooler here in Minneapolis, people will begin to spend more nights in with blankets, movies and popcorn. Many people have their go-to microwave popcorn style and brand, but in our latest brand test we set out to discover the best microwave popcorn. The Butter-Flavored Contestants: Act II Orville Redenbacher Cub Brand […]

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